Special Appearances

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General Catering Prices

All prices are for 3 hrs. serving time.
$500 min. for the Truck and $200 min. for the Trike.

Common menu packages:

  • Good Food Truck: choice of 3 items (2 menu items + 1 mini menu item) $15 per person
  • Good Food Trike: choice of 3 mini and dessert items: $7 per person
  • “Poodle Party” (unlimited poodles -and we know you will eat a lot- and drink choice): $12 per person
  • Curry Cart $8 per person
  • Watermelon Snow $5 per person (Summer only)

Create your own menu:

  • Mini menu item: $3 per person
  • Menu item: $6 per person
  • Dessert: $2 per person
  • Drink: $2 per person

Menu Options:

Menu options are likely to change because we are always in the kitchen creating new items and some ingredients are only available during certain seasons.  We are also happy to create special menu items for your event to match your tastes, theme, or dietary needs.

Mini Menu Items:

$3 per person

Table Top Presentation

Cones – These are all small savory waffle cones that we make.
Mini Parmesan Cone: filled with watermelon-arugula salad or kale, green apple, and lentil salad
Mini Zanzibar Cone: filled with roasted beet, mango, and mint salad

Spicy Graceland PB&J: bacon-peanut butter and jalapeno jelly

Caprese Skewers: fresh mozzarella, tomato & basil

Parmesan Taco: filled with mache & black grape salad

Cold Sesame Noodle Salad: whole wheat noodles, in season veggies in a sesame dressing

1/2 sandwiches, mini biscuits, or smaller portions of soup can also be mini items

Menu Items:

$6 per person

The Poodle

Poodle:  French Toast hot dog bun, beef dog, topped with apple-maple slaw- we can bring turkey, soy, or kosher dogs on request
GA Plate:  Collard greens, black-eyed peas, pimento cheese grits
Homemade Biscuits:  Filled with grilled peaches, fresh buttermilk cheese, and moonshine jelly or filled with whiskey apples and fresh buttermilk cheese
Chutney Grilled Cheese: In season housemade chutney (like beet-strawberry-horseradish or peppercorn-peach-onion) and muenster grilled cheese
A variety of different soups like organic chicken corn chowder or curried pumpkin served with savory biscotti that complements the soup

A Savory Filled Waffle Cone

These are full size savory waffle cones that we make.

Curry Cone: Filled with cold samosa potato salad topped with mint yogurt or roasted butternut squash, garbanzo beans, and spiced rice
Thai Cone: Sesame-Ginger cone filled with Panang, Green, or Masaman curried vegetables and coconut rice or cold masaman potato salad topped with peanuts and cilantro
Island Cone: Spicy Tamarind Cone filled with cold Jamacian Jerk sweet potato salad and topped with mango sour cream or jerk black beans and coconut rice topped with ripe plantains and mango sour cream
Masa Cone: Chili- Lime cone filled with Mexican mole black beans and spiced rice
Parmesan Cone:  Filled with seasonal cold salads or warm Italian lentils and rice.


Our desserts in the wild

$2 per person

Drunk Fat Brownies: with candied bacon and a whiskey glaze

International Rice Crispy Treats

Panang Thai Rice Crispy Treats: with panang curry, peanuts & kaffir lime leaves
Indian Rice Crispy Treats: with curry, coconut & candied fennel
Mexican Chocolate Rice Crispy Treats: cocoa crispies, chipoltle & lime
Spanish Rice Crispy Treats: with marcona almonds, figs & smoked paprika
Elvis Rice Crispy Treat: banana, peanut butter & bacon
Chocolate Elvis Rice Crispy Treat: cocoa crispies, banana, peanut butter & bacon

Platters of mini rice crispy treats are also available for $35 per tray (approx. 70 mini treats per tray)


$2 per person

Sweet Sassafras Tea
Ginger Limeade (cold or hot)

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